Jesse Luggage Adventure

Just a note to tell you my Jesse Luggage adventure.
We got off the back roads in Newburgh NY and hopped on I-84 to make some time heading home from NH. We were crossing the Hudson River on the Newburgh-Beacon bridge, a three lane divided bridge, and were running in the left (inside) lane at 65 mph. I hit a few road bumps and my right side Jesse bag fell off my bike. I actually thought I hit something and did not realize that I lost my bag immediately. Looked in my mirror and saw my bag sliding across the center lane and then lost sight of it. My husband, Rick, and I got off the bridge and turned around to head back over the bridge to try and pick it up. We had no idea how we were going to do that because traffic was very heavy and moving at a high rate of speed. Lots of big trucks too. Heading backwards over the bridge there is a toll booth in this direction with a gate. I think I followed Rick too closely because my ez pass failed. I tried to back up and try again but the car behind me was too close. I managed to back into a puddle of oil on the ground and almost went down. Long story short I had to put my kickstand down and find some money. I told the toll booth lady that I was about to stop traffic on the bridge (at rush hour) and she just hunched her shoulders like she could not have cared less. Finally got moving again and we headed back over the way we came with flashers going and riding side by side in the left and center lanes. NO BAG IN SIGHT. I thought someone had already picked it up and I was out of luck. We pulled over on the side of the road, right passed the bridge exit to regroup. Rick saw a NY department of transportation truck with his lights going and waved him over thinking he may be able to assist. The stars must have been aligned because when he pulled passed us to park I saw my bag in the back of the truck. I thanked the worker a dozen times. I had a lot of “stuff” in that bag, as well as the bag itself, which would have been hard to replace. The bag had a few scratch marks but it was fine and all of my belongings were not damaged.
Oh well, just another adventure.
Not sure how the bag worked loose, but the end result was amazing… It did not open and all my stuff was fine, including my electronics

Jesse Luggage Saved Me!

Jesse Luggage saved me from injury and my bike from severe damage. We were half way through the first day of a 2000 mile group ride when a truck turned in front of me and I applied full braking. The rider behind me plowed into my left box which prevented his bike from hitting me and our handlebars tangling up, which would have caused us both to go down. The box was mangled and the support bracket was bent but the box stayed attached. That night we straightened the box with a sledge hammer and 2×4 and the box held securely for the rest of the trip. On the last day of the ride, I rode by the new Jesse factory in Mesa Arizona to see what they could do. I met the owner and head welder who were able to get me set up with a new box and straighten out the bracket. I even got a factory tour and discussed potential new product offerings! In addition to being able to carry everything I need, Jesse Luggage provided additional safety that every rider and bike deserves. Adding that to the exceptional customer service, I was able to return home with my bike looking just as sharp as when I started the journey! Thanks Jesse Luggage for great products and great customer service!

This is the second set of Jesse luggage I have owned

This is the second set of Jesse luggage I have owned. Previously I had Jesse luggage on my vstrom….side cases and top box. I have the 8″ black odysseys on my GS now and am considering the very cool pizza box for my top box. Love that the boxes are narrower than my handlebars for lane splitting here in California

Love my Jesse Luggage!

Love my Jesse Luggage! Got a set of the 10″ black for my R1200GSA. Great racks and easy set up. The people (Kris and Al) have been super helpful. I could not recommend Jesse enough to anyone. I have tried Givi, Touratech, SW Motech and none of them are comparable to this luggage. I love the fact that it is made here in the US too! Keep up the great work guys.

Happy customer!

I have always been impressed with the style, reputation, and functionality of Jesse luggage. When I bought a 2014 BMW 1200 GS it was a given that Jesse’s would complete the package. The charcoal 8” Odyssey II’s have a good, solid mounting system, and are snug to the bike giving a narrow overall with. Happy customer.

In the summer of 2017 I had the misfortune of laying the bike down on a back trail in Idaho. The left case took the worst of it, some denting down low, and out-of-square a bit, but still fully functional. Since I winter less than a half hour from the new Jesse plant, I e-mailed them to see if they would look at it. I got a same day appointment. The tech and the owner got my case and mount squared up, the dent minimized, and upgraded some of the mounting hardware, all in less than an hour, no charge. Happy customer!

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