Challenger 10” Special BMW 650/700/800’s

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Challenger panniers are hand crafted from 2mm thick, 5052 aluminum for strength, endurance and longevity.  Built in stiffeners and interior flanges give these panniers strength, but also allow more volume in a sleek profile.  The Challenger line features a sturdy new latch made from military grade aluminum billet and now provides a secure catch articulating to our stainless steel keeper.  The top interior flange now contains slight curve to force any water away from the bag, keeping your gear safe and dry.  The addition of radius corners to our lid flanges insure a snug gasket fit, also driving water away from the contents of your panniers.

The friction hinge on the lid gives you hands-free convenience – it stays where you put it with the lightest of touch, despite gravity’s input. The pannier lids are packable as well, with our special lid packer holding your gear inside safely.

Challenger panniers are powder coated inside and out for a great look, while keeping your gear free from aluminum dust, and the mounts keep your luggage tight to your bike, reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency. The unique double loop system gives you up to 5” of movement along the mounts to position your panniers exactly where you need them to maximize your center of gravity. Once the mounts are installed, the panniers are easy to put on and take off.

Take your panniers up a notch! Optional black hinges add contrast to our silver and charcoal bags or blend seamlessly with our black panniers.

This product fits: BMW 650-700-800

10" Pannier - Pipe Side 10" W x 20" L x 16.50" H w/3" offset 10.8# 42 Liters
10" Pannier - Full Side 10" W x 20" L x 16.50" H 11.2# 51 Liters
Total 93 Liters
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