Victor choose Jesse Luggage for his 2015 Yamaha Super Tenere ES because of the reputation for reliability, durability and protection they give in case of a crash. He hasn’t had a chance to travel outside his country on this bike but on a previous bike he went to Republic of Benin and Togo.

victor1I did a 400 mile trip from Lagos to Port Harcourt Nigeria, I had used the Jesse luggage and it carried all my gear comfortably. The 8” I choose allows me to split lanes easier as it is within the width of my handle bars. The best part is the convenience of the lid. Even when I don’t lock the lid, it does not open on its own. I can easily open it to keep my drinking water. If the box is not full, I hear my items jumping around, so I resorted to packing them in smaller bags.

Any additional items I travelled with are packed in a water proof bag kept on the rear passenger seat.

That being said, I did observe that I sometimes find water in the boxes, particularly if they had been empty overnight under the atmosphere, I can only assume it is as a result of condensation, as I cannot see any other route for water entry, except of course through the mounting bar, but I doubt it greatly.


I intend to do a long trip in West Africa first, and then I would look forward to a South African Trip. For riding outside Africa, I am not sure I would go with my bike, but that might change.




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