I usually ride a shaft drive bike, so when faced with riding a bike with a chain for the first time in 20 years, I had some relearning to do. Most motorcyclists know that if you have a chain drive then, except in extreme conditions such as desert sand riding, you need to keep your chain to the right tension, clean and lubricated. Doing so adds a significant amount of life to the chain and sprockets. It gives a smoother quieter ride too.

My chain care re- learning curve was ridden in a very slick, simple and amazingly efficient way. I like to understand how things work, and I love bike gear that’s both completely logical and uncomplicated to use. I want my motorcycling gear to enhance my riding, not get in the way of it.
A Motobriiz chain oiler had just been fitted to the BMW F800GS I was due to ride. Did it work? Yes and amazingly efficiently. This bit of kit is everything I could have wished for. It’s simple to fit too. The video the manufacturers have on line shows just how straight forward it is. I’ve no doubt that even a motorcyclist with 6 thumbs could fit it.

The fact that it’s powered by the wind pressure is incredibly logical, and cuts down on both expensive components and things that could go wrong. As a result of increased air pressure, the faster you go the more oil dribbles onto the chain. Slow down and so does the oil release.
I used it over two longer trips; both of them in Arizona, Nevada and California. Over 9,000 miles of fast roads, back roads and dirt tracks. I had to fill the (HOW BIG IS THE RESERVOIR?) 30ml reservoir just 6 times and the chain looked like new. I didn’t have to adjust it once and the chain never once looked dry, or clogged up; just evenly lubed.

This bit of kit does what it says it will do, very well indeed. You can almost get away with fitting a MotoBriiz to your bike and forgetting your lubrication. It’s just happening quietly, cleanly, effortlessly and efficiently as you travel to your next 1,000 mile reservoir refill stage.

Sam Manicom rode for 8 years around the world, covering 200,000 miles. He is the author of 4 motorcycle travel books. All are available in Paperback with free worldwide shipping from The Book Depository. His books are also available as Kindles and his first three books Into Africa, Under Asian Skies and Distant Suns are available for download as Audio Books. www.sam-manicom.com

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