Kim on a 2008 BMW 1200GS and Joseph on a 2012 BMW 1200GSA are from Dallas, TX.  They are planning a 2 year trip around the world.  From the US (Texas to Alaska and back), Canada, Mexico and then on to South America.  Follow their adventure here to see where they are now.  Their blog is full of fantastic photos and great info.

I asked Kim and Joseph why they choose Jesse Luggage.  Kim bought her 1200GS in Anchorage in September 2016.

I had known that  they were top of the line luggage and I was very excited to know they would be mine.

Joseph said Reputation, design and manufacture

savant3Kim’s favorite riding experience was in Alaska.  They rode 70% of the roads and that by far was the best ride.

Joseph said time spent north of the Arctic Circle in amazing terrain and skies
savant5Looking towards the future for them means South America.  They are 6 months into a 2 years long trip around the world.  They started in their home state of Texas and went to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Continuing through the American west back to Mexico and heading to South America.


I am hoping to catch up with them after their journey brings them back to the states.

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