John comes from Michigan and has a 1200GSA and an 1150GSA. He was kind enough to answer some questions in between rides.

One of my favorite features are the fold open lunch tables! I would only choose a top loading bag built for durability and function. They work!

Where was your favorite experience? I am much too blessed to describe only one favorite experience. I am a traveler and a motorcyclist. One wouldn’t happen without the other. My favorite experiences happen each time I throw a leg over and head out. From being stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere Labrador, paying bribes for speeding in Mexico or Ukraine, whiskey tasting in the Scottish Highlands or laying on a beach in the Greek islands….it’s all good! Then there are my trips to Thailand….ok ok I need to stop this or I will pack up again!!!!


johnharkins5I will check back in with John to see what he has in store for his future riding plans.

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