Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Jesse panniers different from other luggage products?

Jesse Luggage panniers (and top-boxes) are made from 2mm thick aluminum (aluminium), hand-welded and assembled with stainless steel parts. They maintain a narrow profile when mounted on your motorcycle and their unique angled designed and interior mig welding provide increased strength. Our lids are hinged on to the boxes and provide extra packing space.

Why are welded corners better?

Mig welding on the inside of the boxes increases the corner thickness to three times original, which helps to increase overall strength and robustness.

Why do Jesse panniers have those angled corners?

There are two main reasons for this unique design feature:

The angle closest to your feet provides clearance for your heels and lower legs, which is vitally important when paddling in soft sand/dirt or when, inevitably, you have occasional offs. Many adventure motorcyclists, including Ted Simon most famously, have broken legs because they were using non-Jesse panniers with square rather than angled corners. Our panniers also feature side angles for improved cornering clearance.

Box rigidity is the second reason for angled corners. Imagine the difference between trying to push in the corner of a cardboard box versus the side. You know you can indent the side of the box with much less force than the corner. The same holds true for aluminum (aluminium) panniers. Our boxes have been crash-tested by many customers, who consistently tell us how surprised they are that our products survived with so little damage.

What is powder coating?

Powder coat is the paint finish we apply to all our panniers and top-boxes. It comes in powder form, hence the name, and is electro-statically sprayed on before being baked at 400 degrees. Powder coating provides a durable finish and protects your luggage from aluminum (aluminium) dust.

How do Jesse panniers and top-boxes keep my luggage secure?

Our luggage products use a robust, keyed locking mechanism integrated into each handle/latch.There are two locks/handles per pannier and one on a top-box, with a single key that locks everything.

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