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Yamaha Super Tenere

Yamaha Super Tenere

Jesse Luggage Systems has been making motorcycle touring luggage since 1993. Our luggage, designed for the adventure motorcyclist, is known for it’s quality, durability, and unique design.

Our product line is made from 2mm thick, 5052 aluminum for strength, endurance and longevity. Compound, multiple angles give these boxes strength, but also allow more volume in a sleek profile. The forward angle provides room for your feet when you need it.

Our friction hinge on the lid gives you hands-free convenience that’s better than Bluetooth! Open the lid a little while it’s raining, open it fully to hold your coffee in the morning. It stays where you put it with the lightest of touch, despite gravity’s input.

The boxes are powder coated inside and out, giving you a great look while keeping your gear free from aluminum dust.

Our Odyssey II mounts keep your luggage tight to your bike, reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency. And who doesn’t want that these days? The unique double loop system gives you up to 5” of movement along the mounts to position your bags where you need them, maximizing your center of gravity!

Once the mounts are installed, the bags are easy to put on and take off. Our lids are packable as well, with our lid packer holding your gear inside safely.

Our Safari series is made with the same attention to detail, merely adding rounded, multi-angled corners for a smoother line.

The Super Tenere Installation Manual is coming soon!

(Requires Adobe Acrobat - Click Here to Get Acrobat)

Bag Colors
Black • Charcoal • Silver

Bag colors

10" Odyssey II (silver)
with 45L Safari (charcoal) top box

Our classic luggage profile, the 10” boxes provide 105L of packing space with the same width as stock Yamaha luggage. This photo gives you an idea of the amount of travel in your Odyssey II mounts. The left bag is positioned forward, for use without a passenger and keeping your weight close to the bike’s center of gravity. The right bag is positioned back to provide leg room for your passenger.

Luggage w/mounts - $1280

Shown with 45 Liter Safari top box - $580
Top box comes with everything to bolt on your Yamaha

Tenere Odyssey II mounts

Odyssey II Mounts

The secret of the Odyssey II system is in the mounts. It is a double loop system that adds strength with the rear cross member, which triangulates the mounting hardware. Jesse Luggage has always worked hard to ensure that your bags are mounted close to the center line of your bike, keeping the center of gravity in mind while designing. Mounting your bags close to the center line keeps your bike handling the way you expect.


10" Odyssey II luggage with rear rack and rear compartment

10" Odyssey II luggage with
rear rack and rear compartment

Shown are the 10” Odyssey II system with rear compartment and rear rack. This option gives you a 14” x 28” platform to tie on some of your extra gear.
The 10” Odyssey II boxes have a capacity of 105L and a width of 37” when mounted in the stock configuration. If you remove the passenger grab rails, you can make them up to 2” narrower!

Luggage w/mounts - $1280

Rear Compartment - $245

Rear Rack QR - Bottom Plate - $195

Yamaha Rear Compartment Stuff

Rear Compartment

Some of the stuff you can put in your 6 liters of rear compartment. We recommend you fill this space with the little used items, spare tubes, special tools, chain lube, chain breaker with links, oil filter wrench... You get the idea. All the dirty stuff!!

Top rack is held on with 4 countersink screws so your stuff is tucked away and no one knows.



11-1/2" Safari with rear rack

11" Safari II High Pipe - shown with rear rack

With the passenger grab rails removed, these hummers are only an inch wider than stock Yamaha bags and almost twice the volume. We keep your bags mounted close to the bike, maintaining your center of gravity where it needs to be. With the Odyssey II mounting system, you have up to 5” of travel forward and back whenever you need it. Move them back to allow for your passenger’s comfort. Move them forward when traveling solo to keep the weight closer to the center line of the bike where it should be.

Luggage w/mounts - $1490

Rear Rack - $195

11-1/2" Safari with rear rack and rear compartment

11" Safari II High Pipe - shown with rear rack and rear compartment

In the Midwest, they call this acreage!

Notice the friction hinge on the boxes in action, keeping your lid where you put it with the lightest of touch, despite gravity’s input.

The rear compartment replaces the passenger seat, and holds 6 liters of spare parts and tools needed for your extended trip. With the optional rear rack, you have a 14” x 28” platform that you could very easily overpack!


Luggage w/mounts - $1490

Rear Rack - $195

Rear Compartment - $245

9" Safari

9" Safari II - rear view

These boxes provide you with the narrowest profile, yet because of a slight increase in overall height of the boxes, the packing capacity is still 90L, not that much less than our 10” boxes. Keeping your Tenere in the stock configuration, these bags will be 35” wide when mounted, but could be up to 2” narrower if the passenger grab rails are removed.

Luggage w/mounts - $1490

9" Safari front view

9" Safari II - front view

Center of gravity and weight distribution are key in motorcycling, and keeping your bags close to the bike is definitely going to improve performance. This photo shows you what 35” wide looks like on your Yamaha, and by removing the passenger rails, you can make these up to 2” narrower!

Luggage w/mounts - $1490

11-1/2 Safari with 45L top box

11" Safari II High Pipe
w/45L top box

These are the big boys – 112L total capacity in the two side bags and 45L capacity for the top box. You can easily pack your helmets into these hummers, along with everything else you want to take with you.

This system is nearly twice the volume of stock Yamaha bags and only slightly wider. Total width on these bags is 40” keeping your bike in stock configuration. If you choose to remove the passenger grab handles, the overall width can be up to 2” narrower.

Luggage w/mounts - $1490

Shown with 45 Liter Safari top box - $580
Top box comes with everything to bolt on your Yamaha.