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Jesse Luggage Systems, home to the most innovative products on the adventure touring market announces the QUICK CLICK.

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Ultra-lightweight construction combined with the extreme durability you expect from Jesse Luggage makes the QUICK CLICK the most exciting component on our newest line of Jesse Bags. Originally designed for the HP2, over 1-1/2 years in development, these mounts are lightweight but strong enough to handle the rigors of what any machine can dish out.



Three Stainless Steel pins accented by a fourth Spring-Loaded Locking Pin with a minimal contact surface area makes for an incredibly strong mounting unit. The set of QUICK CLICK that comes with every set of SAFARI Luggage weighs in at a mere 2-1/2 pounds and can easily support over 3,000 pounds of weight!



As with all Jesse Luggage Products, the QUICK CLICK is not only durable it is also functional. Living up to its name, the QUICK CLICK makes attaching, unattaching and reattaching your luggage a ‘snap’. The Locator Pin makes placing the bags on your bike a walk in the park, while an easy “pull-and-twist” on the spring-loaded Locking Pin takes them right back off.



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