F650/700/800 GS

Jesse Luggage Systems has been making motorcycle touring luggage since 1993. Our luggage, designed for the adventure motorcyclist, is known for it’s quality, durability, and unique design.

Our product line is made from 2mm thick, 5052 aluminum for strength, endurance and longevity. Compound, multiple angles give these boxes strength, but also allow more volume in a sleek profile. The forward angle provides room for your feet when you need it.

Our friction hinge on the lid gives you hands-free convenience that’s better than Bluetooth! Open the lid a little while it’s raining, open it fully to hold your coffee in the morning. It stays where you put it with the lightest of touch, despite gravity’s input.

The boxes are powder coated inside and out, giving you a great look while keeping your gear free from aluminum dust.

Our Odyssey II mounts keep your luggage tight to your bike, reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency. And who doesn’t want that these days? The unique double loop system gives you up to 5” of movement along the mounts to position your bags where you need them, maximizing your center of gravity!

Once the mounts are installed, the bags are easy to put on and take off. Our lids are packable as well, with our lid packer holding your gear inside safely.

Our Safari series is made with the same attention to detail, merely adding rounded, multi-angled corners for a smoother line.

Click Here for the F650/800 GS Safari Installation Manual
Click Here for the F650.800 GS Odyssey II Installation Manual
(Requires Adobe Acrobat – Click Here to Get Acrobat)


Bag Colors: Black • Charcoal • Silver



9 inch Safari II

9″ Safari II

Dimensions: 9″D x 18″H x 20″L
Capacity: 85 liters combined
Total width: 35″

Mounts on Odyssey II mounts and allows up to 3″ of movement front to back.

Luggage w/mounts – $1490

10 inch Odyssey II

10″ Odyssey II

Dimensions: 10″D x 18″H x 20″L
Capacity: 105 liters combined
Total width: 37″

Mounts on Odyssey II mounts that allow up to 3″ movement foward and back

Luggage w/mounts – $1280

45L Safari Top Box

45L Safari Top Box

Dimensions: 15″ x 17″ x 11″

Ready for your helmet and jacket. Will key to your Jesse Luggage. Safari top box comes with everythig to bolt your top box in place.


Lid Racks


Lid Racks

Increase the versatility and packing capacity of your Jesse Luggage. Lightweight frame with multiple tie-down openings. Powder coated to compliment your Jesse Luggage.






De Loops

Set of four.